Writer : Rain “QuietStormPoet” Bethel
Social Media : @qs_poet

Hey everyone I’m Rain Flower also known as the QuietStormPoet welcome to my news column The QuietStorm Rappers Delight on Deejaytakeover.com. This will be a weekly column highlighting all things hot on the independent urban music artist scene dropping here every Tuesday & Friday.           unnamed-2
For my first artist I have the delight of introducing you to Jay Bel. If you already don’t know who he is which you should,  SHAME ON YOU. He’s a 20 year old indie hip hop artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He has an extraordinary sense for raw rhymes and sweet melodies. He has kept me on the edge of my seat since he released his tell all single “KATE” last year. Since then he’s dropped singles such as “TransEuro”, “Acid Lake” and “Smoke Break”.

Leading up to his most recent project release “Bohemia”. This 7 track EP is a proper introduction of him as an artist and his own personal sound. unnamed-1.jpg
“I’d consider myself a melting pot of influences,” says Jay. “Which is the reason I’m considered to some as sonically different/weird, but that’s what I want. I want to introduce a new kind of groovy-wave/sing-rap/new age type of music.” he tells Adrienne Black.
That same vibe carries into Bohemia. Backed with diverse aesthetics and intelligible lyricism he shows he will have longevity in his career. Check him out Bohemia below tweet or DM me @qs_poet let me know what you think.