Writer : Rain “QuietStormPoet” Bethel
Social Media : @qs_poet

Who is Quincy Vidal?
Ok so to kick of my music column I’m going to introduce you to Quincy Vidal.
This group composed of Le’Asha Julius and CE they met in 2009. Their stage moniker came from combining the names of the streets they grew up on, Quincy Street for Le’asha in Washington DC and Vidal Drive for CE in San Francisco. unnamed-3
They shortly moved to New York City together upon meeting releasing their first record “The Cookin in Brooklyn” and have built themselves quite the following since. Also self releasing EP’s from 2010-2014 and performing at various venues throughout the city, The Big Apple to be exact.
Quincy Vidal packing powerful punches in every song a very soulful and thought-provoking duo sticking true to their roots in poetry and music they properly dish off hip hop and jazzy 90’s chill vibes.
And having an overall message, an important one at that! What’s the main message they’d like to convey in their music you ask?
Le’asha: “The Truth, Boom,”
CE: “Be yourself or die” I got that from E-flat from All-Natural. “Be yourself or die”. They tell artsy magazine.
This clearly shines through in their work, truly original creations.
Recently in early 2016 they dropped Chi’ren produced by both CE and Space People. As I’ve heard “they are bringing back the golden age of Hip-Hop” and made its debut on Billboard.
If you’re a hip hop enthusiast, If you love Tribe called Quest, Digable Planets, De La Soul, Idle Warship or Tasha The Amazon Then I strongly suggest you check them out. Find them on social media Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, their Soundcloud & Buy Quincy Vidal Music on BandCamp . Check out Quincy Vidal most recent music video Chi’ren below!