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The Controversial Young M. A

Who is Young M. A, and why is she stirring up so much buzz within the rap industry? She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY on April 3rd, 1992, making her 24 years old. She is heavily influenced by 50 Cent, who is also a New York native, by way of Queens.

(Not So) Early Career

She got her start just like most artists of today by using social media platforms such as YouTube and Sound Cloud to get her music out there for the masses. In 2013, she releasedunnamed-18 music from her mixtape, such as 6AM in Brooklyn and Red Room (Club Banger). She also released an update to her fans on a few additional projects that she was working on while she was releasing the remainder of her mixtape.


In 2015 she released her “SleepWalkin’”project as a free download after the buzz that her “Brooklyn Chiraq Freestyle” video generated, (which is at 6M+ views currently).
She has also performed freestyles on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show, as well as her most renowned interview that helped get her on the map with 105.1’s Breakfast Club. Along with this, Beyoncé herself cosigned for her by playing “Ooouuu” on her IG paired with her pictures thanking everyone for their birthday wishes. This post had close to 8M views, as well as Young M.A’s track being exposed to Queen Bey’s 87.4M followers. On top of this exposure, Young M.A was granted the opportunity to open up for the Final Stop in

Beyoncé’s Formation Tour.

“Ooouuu” was released on May 12, 2016 as a digital download. She also released the video for this song on her YouTube account on the same day. This video as 61M views to date, and has been remixed several times by renowned artists such as Remy Ma, French Montana, Nicki Minaj, and The Game to name a few. It has also seized the 28th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. And she is still unsigned.

Why She’s Controversial

When she came on the scene in 2013, she tried to come out as a “girly” tomboy. The more her career took, the more she felt the need to be herself. She is an openly gay (lesbian) rapper and admitted to it during an interview on The Breakfast Club. She has noted, unnamed-15.jpghowever, that she doesn’t want to be known for her sexuality or her sex when it comes to her music, but instead what she is capable of bring to the table in the rap industry.But even in the short period of time in the industry, she has met her share of love and hate from the masses. Her response? Check out her video “Body Bag,” which has almost 7M views .

There is an argument that she wasn’t the first lesbian rapper to hit scene. Although this is, in fact true, she is, however, the first lesbian rapper to have a breakthrough on this level, all while she openly, full blown representing the lesbian community by being unapologetically her within her lyrics. Young M. A is a pioneer of her genre. With a late ‘90s to early 2000’s hip hop feel to her music, expect Young M. A to overcome the stigma of being a one hit wonder to being an artist that will be around for the long haul.

Here is her latest music that was dropped October 13, 2016, “Quiet Storm” :