Todays edition of Rapper’s Delight I’m going to introduce you to Musician, Rapper, Singer, Song Writer and performance artist Kevin Abstract based in LA.
This teenager has all the makings to be a super star….. NO REALLY.kevin
Soundcloud is a very magical place with all of these new sounds, beats and the millions of artists on it Kevin raised as the cream of the crop. But he doesn’t appreciate you viewing him solely as a soundcloud artist. And honestly that’s rightfully so he has emerged far beyond soundcloud. Abstract is so much more than the typical self produced beat and catchy lyrics.
But let me give you some background on Ian Simpson.
At 19 he took the chance and hopped off the porch escaped home life moving around before he ended up in LA. He has a vision and he is following that, instead of accepting the circumstances of his surroundings he re-created them. There is a line in his single titled “ECHO”. The headline for his USA today profile reads “The best thing Kevin Abstract ever did for himself was run away from home.” “He was a bad son, He was a bad son So he left home, so he left home.”Me personally I relate that to his life he didn’t fit his families conventional way of living so he ran away.
“Echo” is a beautiful ballad brushing shoulders with “man on the moon” by cudi and Yeezy’s 808’s. brockhampton.jpgA song that he invested in, a personal diary, he is willing to push his self to produce the best work and that’s why I love him.
He first really started making a splash on the scene as a part of BROCKHAMPTON , this group is composed of 7 members made up of talented kids from the suburbs of Texas all of can rap sing and produce. Resulting in a array of styles from trap music to straight experiments mashing together to create. kevin-abstract.jpg
As a solo artist Abstract spills into genre’s ranging from R&B “Echo” to dirty angst filled rap, and sweet melodic hip hop.
But now that all the buzz has settled from his debut album MTV1987.
There is an album of his expected to drop sometime 2016 but so far he has shared two new songs to hold us over until his sophomore album drops.
So below I have singles “Echo” and “Empty”
And be sure listen to “Miserable America” and “Yellow” before his release of American Boyfriend November 18th.



Kevin Abstract – Miserable America