Writer : Rain “QuietStormPoet” Bethel
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I’m shaking it up for today’s feature of Rappers Delight. Why because good music is good music and their independent. Twins Amber and Paris Strother and music sister Anita Bias are the components of KING. In 2011 KING independently released their first EP, only 3unnamed-7 tracks “The Story” , “Supernatural”, and “Hey” is the introduction to their soulful songs. They just exude this is neo-soul R&B vibes but I can’t really put them in a box like that, define them like that they manipulate their many influences and talents in such a fashion adding a fine polish to their authenticity and sound.
The chill aesthetics, precise and clean production and melodic style of music have indeed shined, to think it was all recorded in their home studio.
They produce, write and perform everything themselves as a group, Paris produces KING’s songs while Amber and Anita are the main singers.
The strother sisters Minneapolis childhood was filled with old school soul, gospel and jazz.
“There was always music playing at home, and I think our tastes are also heavily influenced by the Minneapolis sound,” Paris told mic.com. Of course with an upbringing like that you’re bound to hit the ground running.

“We both started at an early age, and I pursued piano and orchestration through college, but it wasn’t until after I finished school and moved to L.A. that Amber came to visit and we began to sing and play together.”Then Anita an old friend of theirs from Berklee College Of Music , joined to round out KING’s powerful roster, and the group never looked back.“We Are King” the trio’s full length album dropped February of 2016.We Are KING is a product of the best of the era of artists like SWV, Jodeci, and Sade.Now these sounds are indeed are up with the times, yet as it plays, you find yourself thinking of simpler joyful and memorable times, that homecoming dance or first kiss, as the singers keep their voices interchanging in the backdrop. This isn’t your typical girl group. They truly excel at setting moods.

Check them out below tell me what you think. Buy their music on itunes here.

KING-The Story

KING – Supernatural

KING – “Hey”