Meet Devin Stanford also known as Dev11n. She started at Howard University majoring in Jazz Vocal as well as minor-ing in Music Business she later transferred to Fredonia to finish her bachelors she was a music industry major. Playing a big part on campus she also was apart of the black student union : concert chair in 2010-2011.
Formerly known to be a singer she decided to amplify her musical inclinations and tap into hip-hop. images
She is paving her own lane to make a huge impact on the music industry. Traveling all over the world dishing out serious flow, message and meaning.
Even starting her own business to really make a profit from it she is the owner of “Muziqly Devine Entertainment” which began operation in 2010. And plenty of accolades to back her up such as being a on air radio personality and producer for WHBC radio (Howard University) in 2010. A writing intern and coordinator for Studio 43 in the greater Atlanta area in 2013-2014, as well as being a notable Grammy Camp counselor in 2013.
She is also one of 6 members of music collective known as Always Cool Society. On November 11th of 2015 she launched her doc-series “I Am Dev11n” documenting her journey and experiences as an artist.
And she dropped a 7 track mix-tape in December of 2015 #The11thHour. Usually I don’t find too many independent artists putting it all out there on a mix-tape. She’s truly transparent telling the story of her broken heart and self-doubt to how she then found strength in her darkness thus came the track “Better Days” which is number 7 on the mix-tape.
“The 11 in her name stands as a reminder of the parallel between who she is and who she has the potential to be”
Dev11n : via Datpiff.com 0008505503_10.jpg
Her sound is organic she displays keen lyricism, passion and pride in her work a mix of hip-hop, R&B, spoken word with jazz influences, and it shines it’s obvious.
Approximately one year later on the same date 11/11/2016 she unleashed her EP #ONE (listen below) 1478878956892standing on her own two feet and with more clarity and more confident than ever.She’s coming for all the success she deserves. If you’d like to see her live I included a link to one of her upcoming shows in New York, NY Saturday November 19th,2016 for “Danksgiving”. I also included links below from her documentary series, Visuals to her single “Well” shot by local company Legacy Visions, her EP on bandcamp and her first mix-tape. Tell me what you think and I’ll be back for another addition to TheRappersDelight this Friday with a few more artists that in home grown in our Queen City. Listen to Dev11n Full Ep #ONE below.

#One by Dev11n [listen here]

Dev11n – Well (Official Video)

I Am: dev11n – Episode 1