Writer: No Sé
Social Media : @No_se15

Abra, The Darkwave Duchess

Meet Abra, a young singer and songwriter who was born in Queens, NY, in London the first eight years of her life, and now currently resides in Atlanta. Although there aren’t many details about her out there, her music is undeniably unique for this time period, her sex, and race.

One thing that annoys the artist, (and many others that are unconventional like her), is the fact that just because she is a Black female, that she is automatically an R & B artists. She leans more towards an ‘80’s pop feel with both her music and it’s even laced in her videos. Check out this video “U Kno,” (with over 220k views) laced with ‘80’s nostalgia here:

Here another one that would confuse you if it wasn’t for the Jeep in the background. Released July 14, 2016, “Crybaby” currently has over 500k views to date:

What landed her in the LGBT spotlight? Well, listening closely to some of the lyrics in her songs hint to her already mysterious background as possible being bisexual. She makes it really obvious in both the song and lyrics in her newest song, “Pull Up.” You can view the video here:

At the rate that Abra has grown, I expect that due to her rich cultural background and the uniqueness of her music for the time period, she will be one of those unnoticed rising stars. Be on the lookout for this one…and maybe she’ll eventually release more information about herself has she gains fame. With over 5mil views, watch her most popular video here, “Fruit”:

Still want to hear more music from Abra follow her SoundCloud & also stream her most recent project PRINCESS below! Also go to her Instagram.