New Music: “Untouchable” Mister Mathers (First Impression)

Will the Real Slim Shady, Please Stand Up?

This past Thursday, on December 7th Eminem released another single off his ninth studio production “Revival” called “Untouchable”. Clocking in at six minutes long, the Detroit rapper is pulling no punches with this latest track, which is available on all streaming services and for purchase through iTunes and Google Play.

The title of the track is fitting, and definitely a testament to Eminem’s classic wordplay—is he “untouchable” as a ‘Rap God’?; or, is the subject matter within the track “untouchable” in nature?; or, is there yet another potential meaning behind the title? That’s left for the listener to decide, but my money’s on all of the above as Em comes out swinging for the fences and any racist in his vicinity.
The world’s probably still processing Eminem’s latest BET freestyle, where he dedicated his entire spotlight to ripping Donald Trump and the President’s fan-base a new one—as well as telling any fence seater fan to miss him if they’re not standing (or kneeling) with Kaepernick. Bold words from arguably one of the boldest rappers to grace the game.
While Eminem is not one to shy away from controversy, or the ubiquitous punchline reserved for sitting government officials (songs like “White America” & “Mosh” come to mind), “Untouchable” marks a direct shot at: racists, corrupt cops, NFL-boycotters, and just generally ignorant Americans who still don’t/refuse to understand the stigmas and tribulations of an inherently racist nation. Eminem uses his fame and notoriety to discuss the systematic racist troupes and ideologies pervasive in our culture, and he breaks them apart the way only Em could. When it comes to Hip Hop/Rap, it seems as though there’s tremendous love for the products of the culture, but not for the messengers and messiahs of said culture; especially when those same prophets choose to get “political”. In this latest track, Eminem uses his position and (white) privilege to call out the double-standard, with the same “Still Don’t Give a F*ck” attitude that made America fall in love/hate with him.
The song is broken down into two segments, sonically speaking–what starts off as seemingly another “Berzerk” single turns into a brash, in-your-face narrative you’d expect to come out of a precinct locker room in the 1960s.
“Black boy, black boy we aint gonna lie to you
Black boy, black boy we don’t like the sight of you”
Yeah, he goes in at jump. Be prepared for Em at his most “controversial”, exactly how America wants him. Love him or hate him, at least he delivers consistency in an age of earth-shattering “fake news”.
 For a more in-depth analysis of his lyrics, check out this article published at If you haven’t heard the track yet, check out the embedded Spotify player below. And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of “Revival”, which drops December 17th, 2017.Follow us on IG @deejaytakeover for more news and culture! Subscribe to email notifications to get the drop on the latest news in Hip  Hop.Let us know what you think of Eminem’s latest single below; start a conversation.

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