Inspiring Feature: Miranda [Inspiring Model Read Here]

Here on deejaytakeover inspiring feature we introduce you to upcoming inspiring actors, actresses, models, & entrepreneurs throughout the world. Today we feature Miranda an inspiring model from Houston, Texas 3rd ward. We reached out to the young upcoming model to get further insight about her blossoming career and dreams to grow in the entertainment industry.


Q: Firstly Miranda its nice meeting you. We at would to ask you a few questions about your dreams and aspirations as a upcoming model is that okay?

A: Yes, sure thank you for having me.

Q: What originally sparked your interest in pursuing a career in modeling?

A: . I became a model because I love taking pictures; to capture something so beautiful in a picture is so amazing


Q: You view yourself as a remodel correct what? What motivational advice would you give young girls about life and pursuing a career in the modeling industry?

A: I wanted to become a model to show young girls its about who you are not what you look like. Anyone can become a model but it’s about your attitude your confidence in yourself that makes you who you are.

Q: Where can new supporters follow you on social media?

A: They can follow me on instagram @dmp_pyt 

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