Kendrick Lamar blast women on stage for using The N-Word [Video]

       So Kendrick Lamar and Delaney shed more light on the still apparently  controversial topic of the N-Word, when he cut Delaney off after she sang his song, M.a. a. D. City for using the N-word which is used continually throughout the song.  (Watch video below )

Now, no matter where you live or who you are, you’ve had this conversation before, is it ok for Caucasians to say the N-Word as long as they use it with an A on the end.  Smh, this is a ridiculous conversation to have in my opinion really no one should be using it.  We have learned to accept and empower the wrong things, (ie. The B**** word) and even Amber Rose has a “Slutwalk” now.  I get the idea that it is for people who have overcome the once degrading terminology, however the effects still linger in the background of our minds.

Everyone from T.I. to Vince Staples has weighed in on the subject.  T.I. stating that even though it is in a song it “still stings a little to hear it said”, he says that the fact is that it is for “private consumption, not public” Vince Staples making light of the situation tweeted “you n****s wild for this” Fact of the matter you can’t overcome something still using it, in any context and true racists just sit back and laugh.  If you don’t want anyone outside African American heritage to use the word quit empowering it and using it in songs because people who don’t know the struggle don’t think they’re doing anything wrong, they just model what they see and hear.


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