I can’t lie I’m a little riled up about the decision the owners of the NFL made today.  They’ve officially made it clear that they will now penalize teams who do not stand for the anthem.  Let me first start by saying I love my country, the people in it as well as the military that fight for our rights. I understand that America is a melting pot of different religions, beliefs, attitudes and cultures.  However; when did NFL owners get the right to take away our rights, the exact same freedoms that our military continues to holds dear to their own hearts.  It’s clear we can have politics and football just not both on the same field, so why must the anthem even be played at a sports event.  They should play it more in the nightly news then, ijs just my opinion.

Members of the New England Patriots kneeling during the national anthem before a game against the Houston Texans last season.CreditJim Rogash/Getty Images North America


I don’t understand how kneeling has become offensive to so many, it’s not like there’s any voice really for any injustice done to minorites.  Bottom line when did respecting a song become more important than respecting each other and differences.  The only way I respect the National Anthem is to create a more unified front but that’s hard to do when the officials who are meant to build and sustain a better society are still destroying it with their own hatred.  Seriously, enough is enough. Separate the issues.

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