Today was a fire day it was everything hip hop is about and what the culture lives for.  First, PUSHA T’s much anticipated album dropped today and it was hot for all of half a day.  Let’s just say that he definitely aimed his infrared beam and scope at the wrong person. PUSHA T had a song called Infrared  on his newly dropped Daytona album.  In this song he takes shots at Drake and Lil Wayne for the never ending topic of Drake having a ghost writer and Lil Wayne for struggling out here after the conflict with Baby listen for yourself.

Drake then responded with no hesitation and straight FIRE!! He said they had the audacity and I felt it, furthermore going on to state how he had given Quinten Miller money, how he had his hands out and going on to say he was made before Q but since you want to go there he was working in Kroger’s and I tried to help him.  He even went on to tell Pusha T we got an invoice for you considering we sold another 20 million for you, lol funny thing is he really has one made and pressured it on Instagram #NOCHILL

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