NEW MUSIC: The Internet – Come Over [Listen Here]

Neo-soul group, The Internet, released their new single ‘Come Over’ from their anticipated comeback album Hive Mind.  The group had separated to work on a few solo projects but has now decided to comeback together again to make more music for their fans; who have been patiently waiting for a new project for nearly 2 years. They have a unique sound that promotes unity, which they are keeping in tact. 

“Come Over” has a great jazzy new love feel to it and it is sung with sensuality .  This single will definitely be on my playlist.  It follows their first release “Roll” (Burbank Funk) which was released in April that is also featured on the new album ‘Hive Mind’.

The Hive Mind album won’t be out until July 20th which is the group’s fourth album, so be on the lookout.

Listen here:

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