The unlikely couple is having problems due to alleged Scott’s cheating. Apparently, he was recently caught cheating on Sofia while on a recent trip in Miami and while things were still shaky, allegedly he decided to go to KANYE’S listening party in Wyoming. After arriving, rumors started flying, that Scott was getting too cozy with another party-goer. Check out this pic: 

It was said by a person at the party allegedly  “Scott was really sloppy through the night and he could barely speak”. With news of another salacious scandal so soon after the Miami scandal, it sent Sofia Richie packing, she has left his house and sought comfort with friends and family. Reportedly she has spoke with her father Lionel about the situation and he’s clear about his definite disapproval of this relationship. Allegedly Lionel did so by saying if she continues to date Scott he will stop financially supporting her and even wow her out of the will. He feels that Scott is toxic to her and honestly he probably has every right, at this point. Needless to say, this relationship is probably over.

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