The Game has been having ongoing legal issues dating back over the last couple years, from when The Game was cast on the VH-1 Reality show “She Got Game.” Priscilla Rainey won a judgement in her favor against The Game for his alleged sexual adultas.  However, Game has not trying to hear that and in turn tried to sue Viacom for not using proper decision making skills in casting Rainey, who was known to have multiple felonies and mental health issues.  The judge today ordered that The Game is liable to pay the $7.1 million dollar claim for the alleged assault she incurred.  The judge ruled in favor of Viacom stating “they used their freedom of speech Rights in casting Rainey on the show.  This is a big hit to Game’s pockets who’s net worth is  estimated at $22 million, hopefully he’ll be able to handle it with no problems.

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