Diddy No Longer Wants to Own an NFL Team: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Associated with Oppressing Black Men’ Diddy dropped out of the bidding war to become the proud owner of the Panthers, he was only one of two left in competition to own the team. Diddys’ decision was made when the owners of the NFL decided to fire players who do not stand for the anthem. Diddy stated that he “does not want to be a part of a franchise that oppresses black men” and that he “doesn’t want to be be the one telling grown a** men what they can and cannot do.”  Diddy originally wanted to own the team with the hopes to create positive change, and have a platform to do so, hopefully this doesn’t change his momentum for his search for a powerful platform to do just that.  I would expect to hear more of Diddys’ political voice in months and years to come. Watch his full interview on Big Boy show below:

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