ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Officially a Go — Without Roseanne Barr

After the canceling of the hit tv show ‘Roseanne’ following tv star Roseanne Barr racist twitter rant scandal. ABC’s network creators have made the decision to continue syndication of the hit tv show without Roseanne Barr. How so? Well they have decided to create a spinoff ‘The Conners’.

ABC/Adam Rose Sara Gilbert and John Goodman in season 10 of ‘Roseanne’

Following aggressive talks regarding the continuation of the series with exec producer Tom Werner, the Disney owned broadcaster moved forward green lighting the spin off ‘The Conners’ for 10 episodes.  Social media can possibly also take credit for this reboot due to various memes jokingly suggesting the idea of a spin off happening.

ABC made a public statement Thursday that Roseanne Barr has given over all rights to the brand and will not financially benefit from this new spin off series; as viewers expressed concern of whether the disgraced actress would still make a financial profit from the show. Do you agree with this announcement of ‘Roseanne’ show getting a spin off series?



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