Music Artist One On One Featuring: Tanisha Avent [Q&A Read & Listen]

Today Deejaytakeover music artist one on one features new comer Rnb singer-songwriter Tanisha Avent. We sat down to discuss her life and career. Along with promoting her new single ‘Overdose’ check out her Q/A below!

Q: Tell me about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, where do you reside etc? Which artist inspired you the most growing up?

A: I use my real name, which is Tanisha Avent, because my music is a reflection of my real self.  Not an alter ego but really me.  I am from Brooklyn, East NY.  I grew up here in Bklyn but went to live in Richmond Virginia for a year but Brooklyn is my home.

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Q: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

A: Wow, I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO COLLOBORATE WITH WHITNEY HOUSTON AND LUTHER VANDROSS. Currently, I would love to collaborate with Drake.  I feel like Drake is an amazing entertainer and he is very consistent with his music.  Also, I think he connects with his audience which is amazing and something I hope to be able to do.   Ever since he came out I have been following him. For newer artists I would love to do a duet with 6lack

Q: Which artist inspired you the most growing up?

A: I was inspired by Destinys Child, TLC, Mary J Blidge, Whitney Houston, Brandy – all the girls.

For the men it was Luther Vandross.  I loved the way his music made me feel even as a child.

Q: What’s the story behind your song Overdose? Who was the writers/producers of the song? What do you enjoy about making music? 

A: Overdose – the story behind came from a personal experience.  When I was deeply and dangerously in love to the point where I felt like that love was its own addiction.  It made me feel like I needed him all the time and it also made me feel like I was on top of the world – high.  


Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date? 

A: My biggest accomplishment was having Beyonce demo one of the songs I wrote on.  She is one of the artists I am inspired by so it was an honor.

Q: If you could cover any song what would it be? 

A: “I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston or “Superstar” by Luther Vandross

Q: What are the most challenging things you experience as an RNB artist in today’s industry? 

A: Trying to gain an audience, opening up and being myself and allowing myself to be vulnerable.  Also, being booked for bigger shows so that I can show people my talent.  

Q: Do you think there’s a double standard in the industry, or in entertainment in general? 

A: I think that in the world women do not have the same advantages as men.  Most corporations, labels etc are run by men and I love that Ethopia Habetorium and Sylvia Rhone have been risen thru the ranks and ran a Dope record label like Motown.

Q: Do you have any new projects on the way or any performances occurring, any events? What’s your over plan for the next few months.

A: I have a project that I have been working on.  The first single will drop on Valentines day.  Yes, we are putting a strategy together that will include, Video (music and lyric), the DJ’s and some type of touring.

Q: What makes you unique from other artist? Also whats your 5 year goal with your career where do you want to be ?

A: I have no formal training and yet the music comes from within.  When I hear a beat I like I am moved.  I can write the lyrics and the melody immediately.  I thank God for this gift.  I actually just started posting my new logo.  It is my name and it has a Microphone and a pen within my name.  This symbolizes that the music is in me.

Q: Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media?

A: Yes, I would like to shout out my family and my team for sticking by me.  

You can find me @Tanisha Avent Music on all social media platrforms and Tanisha Avent on Spotify.

Also, you can tune – in every Sunday at 6PM to my channel on You Tube – Tanisha Avent Music and catch me doing a live show.  You can also at that time, ask questions by using the chat room.

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