Music Artist One on One Featuring: Ebonique [Q&A Read & Listen]

Recently I had the chance to sit down and talk with RnB Artist Ebonique from Chicago but currently in Los Angeles. We discussed her life and music in a brief Q/A Feature as she promoted her brand new single ‘Lipstick available now. Check our music artist one on one Q/A feature below!

Q) Tell me about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from,
where do you reside etc? Which artist inspired you the most growing up?
My stage name is my real name, which is Ebonique. I’m from Chicago IL and I’m now living in Los Angeles. I was inspired by a large number of artists and genres, to name a few would be Mariah Carey, Prince, Janet, Aaliyah, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Queen and the Beatles.

A) Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with? I’d love to collaborate with Drake, Miguel or even Stevie Wonder. I’m also honored to have an upcoming feature in the works with the legendary rapper Jadakiss. There’s

Q)Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?
A) I love to entertain as an art form. I’ve loved music since a young age though I’ve always had stage fright. My love for sharing my music overpowered that though and it became my life’s focus to share love through personal artistic expression being mainly singing and more recently acting and djing. They’re truly fun outlets and creative ways to share messages and your heart.

Q) If you could cover any song what would it be?

A) One that’s been in my mind most recently has been moonlight by xxxtentacion.

Q) What’s the story behind your song? Who was the writers/ producers of the song? What do you enjoy about making music?
A)Lipstick is about feeling sexy and getting ready to meet that special someone. It’s about the anticipation…
The song was produced by The Boy and writen by myself and Matt Cash.
I enjoy the process of making melodies and harmonies in the music making process.

Watch & Listen to Lipstick Video Below

Q)What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?
A)I toured in China for four months with a dance team. It was a great experience doing what I love every day and I can’t wait to go on another tour. I also feel very proud of the music I’ve made and I love doing live performances of it.

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Q) What are the most challenging things you experience as an RNB/HIPHOP
artist in today’s industry?
A)It’s always a journey for up and coming artists to get your music heard and exposed. That’s the hustle no matter what new platforms emerge. Social media has been a helpful tool for exposure.

Q) Do you think there’s a double standard in the industry, or in entertainment in
A)I’d say that people are starting to acknowledge that women need a louder voice in all forms of entertainment to not be taken advantage of. This is part of the basis of the me too movement we’ve seen over the past year or two. I think the more positions of power women get, the better things will get.


Q) Do you have any new projects on the way or any performances occurring, any events? What’s your over plan for the next few months.
A)I have a new dance single coming out soon with Jadakiss. I have a performance coming at at the hotel cafe in Hollywood on November 28th and I’ll be djing on the 2nd at the markee downtown LA.

Q.) What makes you unique from other artist?
A) I make music that reminds me of my favorite parts of music from the 90s-early 2000s. And I feel that my vocal range and style is not common in pop music now. My goal is not to sound cookie cutter, I always aim to bring music that has a feeling and makes you feel like smiling, dancing or makes you feel sexy.

Q) Any Shout outs & How can people find you to support your music?

A) I’d love to give a shout out to Duane DaRock for helping guide me of late with my music career and for helping me get my first big feature on my upcoming single, he’s been a great support. Thank you to Matt Cash and the Flauge for his support with creating my latest music video and for his creative and technical support with my music in all ways. I could go on for years with shout outs, it’s all been a journey and so many people have helped in different ways. My social media is instagram and Twitter is @LoveEbonique and my new website is All my upcoming performance opportunities, new music etc will be posted there

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