Music Artist One on One Featuring: Carpe Diem[QA Read & Listen]

Today on Deejaytakeover music artist one on one feature we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Los Angeles based Hip Hop Artist Carpe Diem. We discussed his life, new music, and tour plans for the next few months. Check out our Q/A below & listen to his live radio interview with DJ Jay Erica on 95.5 FM Ontop Radio(London,UK).

Q): Tell me about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, where do you reside etc? Which artist inspired you the most growing up?

A): My name is Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem means to seize the moment. Get it right now… Don’t act like what’s popping today is still gone be poppin tomorrow.  I’m from LOS ANGELES , California born and Raised. The gang culture is real heavy, so coming up I listened to Snoop, Dogg pound, brother lynch,E-40, meek that sneak, and  ice cube. That along wit local artist was the soundtrack of my childhood.

Q): Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

A): My dream collab would be with Nas. He’s top 5 fasho! 

Q): Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?

A): Becoming an emcee was natural. I have a lot of musically talented people in my family.. so it’s nothing I ever practiced to do.. it was something I was good at without trying. 

Q): What’s the story behind your newest song ? Who was the writers/ producers of the song? What do you enjoy about making music?

A): The single that I’m pushing right now with 
DJ Earl-E is called anymore. I met Earl-E through Dj XXL at the Fleet Djs conference in North Carolina. Since then I’ve been on his radio show and he’s been out to shows wit me & OG Kokane. We just been clicking. Dj Earl-E sent me a couple beats and I went in. This song is talking about the shit we go through in this country. This song is not your normal Carpe Diem sound, but it’s dope and it’s hip hop 100%. 

Q): What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?

A): My biggest accomplishment to date is being able to do interviews and release music on these type of platforms based off my talent and not no pay 2 play type stuff.  

Watch Carpe Diem Full Interview With DJ Jay Erica Below!

Q): If you could cover any song what would it be?

A): If I could cover any song, it would be Street Dreams by Nas. That song is timeless my uncle use to play everyday on the way to school… dope 

Q): What are the most challenging things you experience as an RNB/HIPHOP artist in today’s industry?

A): My biggest accomplishment to date is being able to do interviews and release music on these type of platforms based off my talent and not no pay 2 play type stuff .

Q): Do you think there’s a double standard in the industry, or in entertainment in general?

A): There’s a big double standard in hop and other genres because as a hip hop artist nowadays you don’t need talent. The reality stars are the “what’s hot right now “ artist. In other genres the only thing that would make you the biggest artist is talent not fuckery. So yeah there’s a double standard. 

Q): Do you have any new projects on the way or any performances occurring, any events? What’s your over plan for the next few months.

A): In March we’re gonna tour the US and the UK. I gotta few things brewing with a couple liquor companies, so be on the look out for CARPEDIEM !

  Watch Carpe Diem I Got It [Video Above]                            

Q): What makes you unique from other artist?

A): I’m unique as an artist because I’m hip hop. That’s what I represent. Unlike most artist I am unapologetically a Rapper, and I’m proud of being an Rapper. My music I release is real professional and not some bullshit that’s getting pushed on the culture for a quick sale. 

Q): Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media?

A): I just wanna shout out the Fleet DJs, Klassik CEO, Kokane, and to you and your platform for having me here. Make sure you follow me online for booking, new music and updates:

    IG: @CarpeDiem4N
SoundCloud: CarpeDiem_4N                                       

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