Music Artist One On One Featuring: O.T. Da Detonator [Listen & Read]

Today on deejaytakeover music artist one on one we interview California based emcee OT Da Detonator known up and down the coast for his battle rapping skills for many years; he’s sat down with us to discuss his new music and projects on the way. Check out his full Q/A below! Also hear his full podcast interview on The DJ Jay Erica Podcast on this feature!

Q: Tell me about yourself how do you get your stage name where are you from where do you reside ?

A: I got had my name since 1994 back in High School. I am from Pasadena Ca

Q: Who would be your dream artist to collab with ?

A: Nas without a doubt.3.Which artist inspired you the most growing up Run DMC set it off with everything for the simple fact thats the first time I  discovered rap our heard it in my life  was blown away by it.

Q: What’s the story behind your new single what do you enjoy about making music ?

A: I got a new Single called Wired Up which features JP Tha Hustler he is one of the writers and producers on the song he is in charge and head of my record label at Grim reality entertainment. What I enjoy about making music is hearing my own voice on a dope track.

Q: Do you have a video out yet ?

A: No funny thing is I haven’t in my 20 year career I figured if I’m going to do a video it has to be done right and also by me being an underground artist I never really was too big on you know Fame and being on TV or YouTube I want people to be able to recognize my music by the sound of my voice. And by me being underground artist I’m not really supposed to have a face. Im fine with that. But fans can look out for video  coming soon my focus is more music not videos

Q: How would you define your Genre of music ? What can new fans expect when listening to your music ?

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A: Hip hop all the way around horror core. I think that im giving the fans really something to for their ears to enjoy and listen too Every Beat hot every lyric up the up to par  To Me lyrics Mean everything.

Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date ?

A: In music there’s going to be many great things that you accomplished you never have a one accomplishment that’s greater than the other you’re never done in the music you always have to work so different accomplishments will come there’s not one better than the other.

Q: If I could cover any song what would it be ?

A: That’s a tough one there’s so many dope songs to cover I can’t pick one.

Listen OT Da Detonator interview on The DJ Jay Erica Podcast!

Q: what are the most challenging things you experience as in R&B hip-hop artists in today’s industry what changes would you like to see in the music entertainment industry ?

A: Not much its been pretty cool my most challenging thing in Hip Hop is to get songs done and to challenge myself on every song. What I would change about the music industry I think I would change more artist who need to get the same amount of promotion as other artists it’s too much favoritism. Everyone needs the same amount of promo in the industry.

Q: Do you think there’s a double standard in the industry or an entertainment in general?

A: Yes of course  there is a double standard.

Q: Do you have any new projects on the way or any performance occurrence seen any events? What’s your overall plan for the next few months.

A: I have a brand new project coming out this month February 25th call to Gold album dropping on all major digital Outlets February 26th I’m on a compilation with DJ J jblues Project dropping February 26th and next day. I have performances coming up in March on my cali tour.

Q: What makes you unique from other artists? Also what’s your five-year goal with your career?

A: What makes me unique about from other artists that I can talk about different things topics context and I am an idealist. My 5-year goal in the next 5 months where I want to be. Where the future is very bright for me right now. Lot of Tours more music lot of singles.

Q: what do you do in your free time? Any hobbies?

A: On my free time I like to watch sports games basketball football baseball go out to restaurant eat some good food and chill out.

Q: Who shot your photo for this feature ?

A: One of my producers Lupah Phaiym who I’ve also work with for 18 years is also a photo & graphic designer.

Q: Anything else you want to add any shot out? Your social media?

A: I want to send a big Shout out to my record label Grim reality entertainment and LP entertainment shout out to JP tha Hustler Lupah Phaiym Slyz Wicked My Boy Percee P Bronx Legend who’s helped me so much in my career. Taab Frio from my lable. To all my fans and supporters love yall.

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