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“Project 2one5”

Newly emerging music group “Project 2one5” is making quite the buzz within the music industry with the release of their single “Sexaholix”. The Rnb-Pop group from Philly has recently signed with legendary producer music executive L.A. Reid. They are actively taking their music career to new heights on a exciting note. We at had opportunity to sit down with the Project 2one5 to discuss their new records and future plans since signing with L.A Reid. Check out Full Q’A below!

Q.) Tell me about yourself where are you from? How did you get your group name? What are all your names?

A.) We are Brothers from Philly, Our name was MTB at first which stood for “Meant to be” but once we signed with LA Reid he wanted us to come up with something that fit who we are more and out of all the names the team came up with he like “Project 2one5” the most. Our names are  Rizzy, Tae, Dash, and Mire.

Q.) When and how was the 2one5 group formed?

A.) Mire and Dash went to the same school and Tae and Rizzy were in the same music program. J. Davis (Manager) knew and worked with all of us he put us together.

Q.) Which artists inspired you the most growing up?

A.) As a collective we all were inspired by Chris Brown, Usher, Tank, Jazmine Sullivan, J. Moss, Boyz II Men, Az yet, New edition, Temptations, Micheal Jackson and many more groups and artist. They are part of the reason why we are a group and creative and preforming artist today.

Q.) What’s the story behind your new single sexaholix ? Who was the writers/producers of the song? What do you enjoy about making music?

A.) To us the story behind Sexaholix is about Two people who know they aren’t good for each other as far as a relationship goes but they’re addicted to being intimate with each other so they “keep coming back for more” hints the lyrics in the song. Ryan Toby is the writer for this song. Music is out first love and it is our therapy for what we go through in our personal lives.

Q.) Do you have a video out yet sexaholix ? If so, Who directed and shot your video for the song? If not, when can fans expect the visuals for that?

A.) Lol yes we have multiple visuals, a visual as well for Sexaholix. Our video was shot and directed by “Benmarc”.

Watch Sexaholix Video Below

Q.) How would you define your genre of music? What can new supporters expect when listening to your music?

A.) We make multiple genre’s of music R&B first and for most as well as Pop and HipHop. When listening to Project 2one5 All our Fans and supporters can expect that feel good music again with a new school twist on it.

Q.) What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date as a group collectively?

A.) Our Biggest accomplishment has been Getting Signed to LA Reid/ Hitco.

Q.) If you could cover any song as a group what would it be?

A.) We can’t really choose but we already cover and remake a lot of songs now so go check them out on our page and if you have a song request just hit our DM.

Project 2one5 Names: Rizzy, Tae, Dash, and Mire (Not in Particular Order)

Q.) What are the most challenging things you experience as an RNB/HIPHOP artist in today’s industry? What changes would you like to see in the music/ entertainment industry?

 A.) Being away from our families, busy schedules and balancing our personal lives with our professional. We would like to see more support and more togetherness we would like to hear more REAL music.

Q.) Do you have any new projects on the way or any performances occurring, any events? What’s your over plan for the next few months.

A.) We Definitely do have a new single featuring Roddy Rich with a New Visual and a EP dropping really soon so stay tuned in for that. We have a show May 2nd with Jacob Latimore and B.Smyth in New York and a show May 18th at the Fillmore in Philly plus many more to be announced. We also have meetings and video shoots and the Bet awards to attend. 

Q.) What makes you unique from other artist? Also whats your 5 year goal with your career where do you want to be ?

A.) Our Sound and out Personalities make us unique from other artist. 5 years from now we see our selves with Grammys, doing World tours, and being successful as a group and as individuals.

Q.) What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies?

A.) We play basketball, we write songs, and kick it with our friends.

Q.) Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? Your Social Media?

A.) Shoutout to our Management, our label, and production and to all our supporters we love you.

Follow and add us on all platforms @Project2one5

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